Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Finished with the School Year...Moving Forward...


Yes.  We are finished with this school year!  Super awesome.  BUT~~Well, I have had the shingles.  Yep!  not fun at all I will say.  I have been in pain for almost two weeks now, and still am having continued problems with it.  

On the bright side, we received my eldest son's test scores, and he performed Post High School on everything but three sections.  He was so elated!  Jordan is recovering well from his surgery; although the last couple of days he has been having pain due to sitting a wrong way or something.  Personally, I think it is more because we have been bombarded with tons of rain and humidity. That always seems to get his legs hurting a bit.

Let's see...Yes..we took good graduation pics too.  I will post some below.  We have been having game night most Saturday nights lately.  Jordan has won the last couple of times!  Heee!  He just loves that!  Jack has been eager to go swimming...well, we all have!  But this rain just wont seem to let up!    We have been doing well with our healthy living lifestyle changes.  Jordan's ped. wants him to take a before and after picture...he has lost over 70 pounds and I have lost 112 pounds since last May.  My hubby has lost over 70 pounds too!  Our family is so much healthier than before.

I have earned two new certifications:  A nutrition instructor certification and a Core and Functional Trainer certification.  Now, I am embarking on a new college program for Nutrition, Diet, and Health Sciences...basically it is a dietitian program.  I am really excited about that too!  We have so much going on! Even our Advocare health company is growing by leaps and bounds.  Plus, I am the host of the Blog Talk radio show, Healthy Living Now!!!. My precious friend is the co-host.  We have a BALL! I am truly blessed.

God has continued to bless us in so many ways!

As our new year approaches, I am certain God will give us new opportunities to serve Him more and more.  I also know He will give us all the tools to witness for Him.  It may not always be smooth sailing, but I know we will have a fabulous new year!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Excuses: A Thing of the Past

EXCUSES: A Thing of the Past

So, I guess I should open this post with some cautioning words.  First, am not writing these words as a religious type of writing post although my God does love to intercede!  Actually, I am writing this post with the compassion and desire to see all live no matter what their faith!  Certainly, that living means earthly and for eternity as well.  However, the basis of this post is to approach the subject of “excuses” and put them to bed once and for all.  

Therefore, some of my words might become a little offensive to some…especially if I hit close to home with my antidotes for living a healthy life and the excuses of not striving for such. With all of that being noted, please remember that I will always be that UNHEALTHY FAT girl.  I will always be that SUPER SIZE MY COMBO girl.  I will always be that DOUBLE MY MASHED POTATOES PLEASE girl.  I will always be that I DON’T WANT OR LIKE TO EXERCISE girl.  Just know that I know where some of you are at in your thought life of healthy living.  I understand…I truly do understand your mentality.

Now, you might ask why I will ALWAYS see myself or consider myself to be those things.  Well, the answer is because my mind will never let me forget where I have come from.  While I might not “appear” (in the size or health category) to be those things anymore or ever again, my mind will always REMEMBER…and guess what…I am still the same Dana as I was when I maxed out at 234 pounds last May of 2012. The difference between that girl then and this girl now is that I have made a commitment to my health…that no drive through window will EVER change.

Do I still love BoJangle’s Chicken?  You better believe I do!  And I even visit my favorite place (BoJay’s) here and there…BUT NOT daily or weekly….and when I do, I make wiser choices than I did a year ago.  Still, guess what happens when I eat there…or any other fast food place?  I feel TOTALLY yucky about an hour later.  Why?  Because those foods are not what my body is used to eating now. 

So, what does all of that have to do with “excuses” to becoming healthier for YOU?  Well, I just want you to know that I am STILL HUMAN!  Heeeee!  BUT~~~I am a MUCH healthier human now than a year ago.


Are you an excuse maker?  I mean...really think about it.  Do you find yourself making excuses in your daily life as to why you “can’t” or “didn’t” accomplish something or things?  Do you find that you frequently place blame on others for the reasons you “can’t” or “didn’t” accomplish something or things?  Do you tend to procrastinate with tasks that are necessary but you desire to hold off until you can’t hold off any longer finishing them?

If you answered “yes” or even “sometimes” to any of those questions…You might have a problem with your health.  Notice I said health and not weight.  This is because I do not deem weight measurements as a reliable test of whether or not someone is healthy.  Notice I said reliable…not valid.  The reason is because weight assessment dependent upon one’s height and age might be a completely valid factor of determining a person’s health from a weight verses age and height standpoint.  However, such weight assessments fail to incorporate bone mass and muscle mass…normally…if one is just weighing themselves…or having a physical conducted by a physician.  Therefore, weight measurements are not a reliable and conclusive prediction of the actual health of a person.

Whew!  I am glad I got that out!  So, now, let’s get back to discussing those excuses! 

Ughhh!  We all have made excuses for things in our lives.  Most likely our health has been near the top of the list pertaining to those excuses.  So, what kind of excuses am I talking about?  I am talking about ANYTHING that “prevents” YOU from becoming healthier! 

“But, Dana…you just don’t know how crazy my schedule is.”  Or “You don’t understand that I have a family of 6 to feed.  I just can’t make two or three different meals for each time we eat!” Or “My husband and kids won’t eat my healthy foods.” Or “My husband loves to cook…and he would be upset if I don’t eat with him…plus, it always smells so good!”  Or “I am just not “mentally” ready to get healthy.” (the most honest and true excuse EVER)  Or “I don’t have time to plan meals for myself.”  Or “Healthy food is soooo expensive.”  Or “Bla-Bla diet is the only thing that works for me.” (Ughhh…nope. Not even close, or you wouldn’t still be unhealthy! ;-) )  Or “I hate exercising!”  Or ….and the list goes on and on.

So…now, are you starting to get a glimpse of those excuses?


What???  Why would I put those two words together?  Will my excuses lead to death?  Ummmm…well, they just might!  How do I know?  I know because my EXCUSES ALMOST led me directly to DEATH! Death ONLY in the physical…but still, I wouldn’t be able to see my children grow if I were physically dead!  So, YES!!!  Excuses can lead to death.

How do those excuses possibly lead to death?  They might possibly lead to death because our bodies were created to eat clean and healthy foods.  Foods that are processed and not natural are not good for our bodies.  It is almost as our bodies do not recognize how to digest them or how to use them for “food’s” proper benefit.

So, when we continue to put processed and unnatural foods in our bodies we are literally depleting our God-given bodies of what God has intended for us to feed it.  When that happens, toxins are released and other detrimental effects are seen in our continuous health.  Don’t spaz out on me right now!

Yep!  I know it is nearly impossible to completely live without eating processed foods, but you can reduce the amount of processed foods you eat….and replace those processed foods with healthy natural foods.  This will begin to give your body the right “signals” of how to absorb, digest, and utilize food more effectively and more efficiently.

How to get out of the “EXCUSE” mode?

Oh!  Wow!  You just might have begun to stray from our topic of “excuses” a tad right then…but come back to our reason of discussion for just a moment. 

So, how do you get out of the EXCUSE mode?  You might think that it is super hard, but I have great news for you!  It isn’t!  It is actually pretty easy once you begin to think about it.  So, do you value yourself as a creature that GOD created?  God has made you an impeccable creature whom He loves and desires to see prosper in this life.  Is your health prospering your life or harming your life?  Hummm…
This may be a question that we don’t like to answer.  We may be overweight, diabetic, have other weight related issues and still view our lives as completely normal and healthy.  But, really…how does your heart view your weight and health?  Most likely your heart is beating quite swiftly…more swiftly than if you were at a lower weight level.  Am I concerned about weight?  Yep!  Because like I said before, your weight is a good assessment tool for the validity of your health…not totally reliable…but valid.  So, taking a look at your weight is something that does matter initially. 

I challenge you to assess your heart rate per minute.  Mine was over 110 at rest when I was 234 lbs.  Now, it is below 60 beats per minute (BPM).  That tacking heart rate that I maintained during my long season of being overweight was horrible for the health of my heart.  It had to beat super hard to support all my organs.  Now, I give my heart a break, and allow it to beat at a normal pace.  My weight back then was harming my heart’s health…not to mention I was pre-diabetic, had super high cholesterol—579, super high “at rest” blood pressure—217/114, constant gerd (acid reflux), a hiatal hernia, and a host of other concerns and problems associated with my weight and unhealthy lifestyle of eating.  So, YES…I was totally mistreating body and my heart.

While my ailments did not all present themselves at the same time, they came on the scene one right after the other and with greater push the more time I continued to live an unhealthy lifestyle of eating and not exercising.  My point:  Just because you “feel”  that you are OK and healthy, that doesn’t mean you really are healthy at all.

Gosh!  I could run.  I had PLENTY of energy.  I slept great at night.  I was completely satisfied with how I looked…and so was my hubby.  By all accounts, I was living a completely normal life….ON THE OUTSIDE. 

The inside was a completely different story.  Your story may be the same or very similar.  Either way, you can’t always judge a book by its cover!  ;-)

Living in that “excuse mode” of thinking is us always THINKING we are OK.  You cannot think you are OK when you are overweight…initially.  If your heart health is suffering, your whole body is suffering.  You need your heart to live.  It’s that plain and simple.  The heavier you are in weight, the harder your heart has to pump. It will eventually wear out.  So, getting out of the excuse mode starts with deciding if we are concerned enough about whether or not our ticker continues to tick…or do we want it to run down before we have gotten our monies worth out of life?

The next step of getting out of the excuse mode is to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for our health.  No matter whether or not someone has one or one million excuses as to why they CANNOT begin to journey on a lifestyle of healthy living, at some point in their lives they will HAVE to rise to the occasion.  The problem is that many times it is nearly too late to begin a healthy lifestyle change.

Oh!  Gosh!  I know someone is going to respond to me that it “is NEVER” to late to get healthy…Well, that may be true if your unhealthy lifestyle has not led your body so far down the road of death that nothing but the almighty power of Jesus Christ can save your heart or body.  And YES—I know that He can do all things.  BUT…my point is that God has given you so much to live for…He has given us awesome bodies to glorify Him in His creation through us!  Why would we want to destroy or attempt to destroy His work?  So I urge you to choose to glorify Him through your healthy lifestyle.

Another way of getting out of the excuse mode is the one way that I literally hate.  Yep…I used the word “hate”….because I do hate this way.  It is the way that I had be brought into the realization that my lifestyle of eating HAD TO CHANGE. 
With my near death experience almost a year ago, I can truly tell you with an honest heart that I DID have an ANGEL there with me.  Her name was Susan…that’s all I know.  She prayed for me.  She was my angel that God sent to let me know that all things were going to be alright. I could see God running so strongly through this woman.  However, it was so much more than her presence that made me see what God wanted me to see.
You see, I never listened to God’s gentle nudges that my health was in decline. 

When I would get heartburn, I would get on Prilosec…and I was on it constantly for that year before May 27th, 2012.  I would not heed His warnings when I would feel dizzy and my heart would pound erratically.  I would not open my heart to hear His still small voice when I would sit in the recliner and feel my left arm begin to go numb.  I just didn’t listen at all.  I kept on living just as I had for all the years prior. BUT GOD!!!!

God allowed me to walk through “the valley of the shadow of death”.  BUT~~~He also allowed me to rise above my (then) present circumstances and fear no evil…for I knew He was with me…

I vowed to my God that I would no longer disrespect the life HE had given me.  I would live to glorify him not only through my other life’s living, but also through my HEALTHY EATING lifestyle too!  Wow!  What a journey this has been…and it will NEVER be over.  Why?  “Dana, aren’t you in a good place weight and health wise?” 
Yep!  I certainly am.  But you see, that old devil comes to kill, steal, and destroy our lives.  I am not immune to his attempts.  BUT~~~I do have God on my side…and the STRONG reminder that God has allowed me to see another day…another year!  So, while I will never forget where I have come from, I also look forward to continuing to KICKS SOME DEVIL BUTT each and EVERY day that God gives me.  I gotta tell you…kicking Satan’s tail is something that I truly love to do!

I also want you to kick Satan’s tail too!  So, I sincerely pray that YOU will stop making excuses.  Stop believing the lies of the enemy.  Start believing in yourself with God’s miracle power working through you…and YOU will begin to see your life through a different looking glass.  You will begin to see how magnificent God’s new healthy lifestyle can be not only for you but for your family and friends too!  Your new healthy lifestyle of eating and living WILL have a POSITIVE impact on every person and every aspect of YOUR life!

Even though God will always love you…no matter what you weight or how your health is today…He also desires for us NOT to struggle in any area of our lives.  If we are unhealthy, we will have medical issues at some point in our lives.  Therefore, I implore you to take that “weighty” bull by the horns and wrangle that animal to the ground!  YOU CAN DO IT!  YOUR LIFE IS WORTH IT!!!!

I hope this post has made you think about your health, has made you stronger in your desire to become healthy, and most of all—has helped you to SQUASH those EXCUSES!!!! 

Thank you so much…and I do pray that God will bless you with prospering health and an abundant life!

Monday, May 13, 2013

I have been set FREE!!!!

Good morning, Folks! I have to tell you, I woke this morning with the realization that God was explicitly telling me to READ MY BIBLE. Now, I didn't know what for...except that I do devotions every morning...and really didn't know why this was so strong on my heart. However, yesterday at church, I was talking to a wonderful friend of mine who REALLY needed help dealing with human lusts and the knowledge and desire to serve the Lord. That had been weighing on my heart heavy yesterday after church. Well, I have been studying the book of Romans...and so, I opened my Bible this morning to Romans chapter 6. 

Within its words, I was literally in awe of the instruction and clarification of my tussle of just the RIGHT words to speak to my friend! You know, we all struggle with lusts...whether it be money, material things, sex, or even food. However, it is how we handle those struggles once we are saved that TRULY makes or breaks us. So, as Romans 6:6 illustrates that once we are DEAD to the slavery of (our) sin, we are NO LONGER slaves of that sin. We have been FREED!!! 

While the temptations of this world are indeed still VERY real, we have the POWER through Christ living in us to TERMINATE EVERY THOUGHT and desire of that sin. So, once we begin to "feel" that urgency of human lust rise up on our insides--or in our sights, we MUST TURN our heads and thoughts to the ONE WHO GIVES LIFE!!!~~~We should NOT obey and allow those sinful thoughts to reign in our mortal bodies. We HAVE the POWER! We ARE NOT SLAVES! WE have been SET FREE!!!!!

I pray you all have a WONDERFUL day!!!! 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hobbit, The Study Guide: Progeny Press

Hobbit, The Study Guide:  Progeny Press

Hobbit, The Study Guide

First and foremost, I would like to apologize to those of you whom my tardiness with this review has affected.  We have been in a constant discourse with homeschool and the sickness of and finally the death of my grandmother. However, even though our lives have been crazy to say the least, I should have made certain this review had been posted on time and I did not—for that I am truly sorry.

Now, on to this awesome review!  While I have filled you in on our crazy schedule of our homeschool within the last couple of months, the review of Hobbit,The Study Guide by Progeny Press was an absolute joy and almost a reprieve for my young high school student.  My son is in the 9th grade and worked with the study guide of Hobbit on his own throughout our move and the sickness and death of my grandmother. 

Hobbit, The - Book

The format of the guide we received was through downloaded materials.  I then printed off the parts we needed for each week.  Then, he was able to proceed without much help from me other than to check his work.  His efforts of completion of the study guide included help from the book of The Hobbit, a dictionary/thesaurus, and a Bible.  There were times when he also needed to utilize the internet for various interactive activities~~which he really liked!

Hobbit, The Study Guide

The study guide takes between eight to ten weeks to complete depending on how your student works with the materials.  Upon completion of the materials, you can claim up to ¼ High School credit for your child’s efforts.

  The study guide consists of 62 pages which you can either download/print or type the answers on the screen.  We opted for printing the materials each week.   During each section of the guide, the creators allow for vocabulary enrichment, reading comprehension elements, pre-reading information, also “thinking about the story”, and “digging deeper”.  Upon completion of the study guide, there are writing assignments, projects, and other resource suggestions given to enrich their learning.   

Hobbit, The - Book

My son had already read the book and seen the movie.  However, this study guide was THE perfect addition to a deeper learning of the book.  Many of the vocabulary words and the aspect of “digging deeper” seemed to help him in many areas of his life.  This was truly an asset to our homeschool; especially given our strange set of circumstances for the last couple of months!

The study guide is priced upon three different formats.

If you would like more information on Progeny Press or Hobbit,The Study Guide, please visit the TOS Schoolhouse Review Crew’s reviews page HERE!

Click to read Crew Reviews

*Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I have received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

Praying through the troubling times....


Good morning, Lovely Friends and Family!  Gosh!  I am sitting here with such a powerful message to give you today.  You know, God REALLY does want us to have faith in Him.  He can and will always provide and be on time in every situation.
Well, what I am about to share with you is really a little graphic and somewhat "gross", but if you hang with me, you will see how the power of Christ was up to working in my home last night!  Hold on to your seat, and I hope you are not eating anything right now!  LOL!

Yesterday started as any other homeschool co-op day.  We had a ton of fun...a little crazy...but always a blessing for us.  As I was about to leave...and calling my little one to the car, I noticed a certain look of uneasiness upon my little 5 year old's face.  I asked him what was wrong and he began spilling the beans.

He had tried to go potty-BM-during a bathroom break.  However, he said his "little poops" were too big.  Now, he has always had an issue with constipation, but not during this recent week, as he is on constant medication for such problems.  So, I was very surprised at this revelation. He looked so forlorn and really sad.  I could tell he was in pain and literally feeling sick from this dilemma.

So, I took him into one of the local fast food restaurants for another try at the "hard" situation.  He revealed to me that when he had tried to potty before at co-op, he had blood on the toilet paper.  This scared the beegeebeezzz out of me!  So, I quickly finished my errands for the day and dropped by Walmart for some prune juice, spinach, and probiotics!  I gave him a quick dose of a pediatric laxative as well.  

All of these combined worked on the new stool.  However, that big old hard thing was still lodged inside of my baby.  He was scared to pieces to go poop.  He wouldn't eat dinner nor drink anything.  I was seriously contemplating taking  him to the E.R., but then that "STILL SMALL VOICE" was heard THUNDERING in my ear.....


Wow!  It was certainly clear!  God had THIS!!!!  So, I turned off the internet...and my search of "what to do for severe impaction of bowels"  and I waltzed into the bedroom to wake up my hubby.  During this time, it was as if a light bulb had literally turned on brightly into my eyes.  I was going to do something that I would have NEVER thought to do--especially to my baby.  I woke my little sleeping baby boy up, and gave him an enema...YUCK!  

Within two tries....and just a little bit of concern for God showing up....He pushed out that obstruction!  Of course it was a scared yet elated feeling of relief that came across his tear-streamed tiny face, but he did it...NO GOD DID IT!  God enabled my faith to be placed into His "provision" and GRAND "medical expertise"!  I FIRMLY believe that!

I quickly called my mother, who told me she had JUST BEEN PRAYING for my little one.  Then, I checked my phone make sure my alarm was set, and I saw that my precious Sister had been praying for him as well!

GOD IS AWESOME!  My friends, our God REALLY is just THAT powerful!  He REALLY does hear and answer prayers....even though it may not be in our time...He REALLY does SPEAK to us. We just have to hear Him!  

My desire for you today is that NO MATTER WHAT IS TROUBLING YOU...sickness, heartbreak, financial worries, or your FAITH in that GOD WILL ALWAYS WORK IT OUT!  HE ALWAYS HAS YOUR HEART IN HIS HANDS.  He LOVES you!

...And thank you for sticking with reading this "messy" post!  LOL

Monday, April 15, 2013


OH!  My Goodness!  This review was tons of fun!  Supercharged Science: E-Science program is an awesome online science curriculum complete for a year and more!  You can use this program with various ages and is lenient in it implementation in that you--the teacher--can pick and choose which topic of study you desire for your students.  
Within the program, you are given an awesome teacher-- Aurora Lipper.  She has taken time to leaven nothing to chance for your science curriculum.  She has put together videos for each experiment and selection of study. There are currently 19 units in which one can choose from in their school day.  However, another unit is on the way!  
The way the program works is on a monthly membership basis.  Then, you are given all the tools you need to house an entire year of science study.  The program is for the entire house!  Your children from K-12 will gain access to a wealth of information.  Not only are the videos super cool, but there is a complete teaching and study guide with each lesson.

You as the parent, can pick and choose what your children are leaning about for the day, week, month, or year!  As always with anything from Supercharged Science, Aurora has made certain most needed items for the experiments are normal, household things.  Even some that are not so common are not that hard to get your hands on if you want to use the experiments   
The main thing I liked about the program is that your child can completely do the program with your hands off of the entire thing!  My eighth grader did all the experiments and lessons by himself.  Of course, in utilizing the program with my youngest son who is 5, I worked with him.  The lessons and experiments are completely easy to understand and Aura is always right there if you need help. With a simple email, she will get right back with you!

We loved the program and desire to continue to use it throughout the remainder of the year.
On a side note, I think this would be a fabulous co-op class for homeschool students too!

The cost:

If you would like more information on Supercharged Science, please visit the TOS Schoolhouse Review Crew’s reviews page HERE!


*Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I have received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Discovery of Deduction: An Introduction to Formal Logic--TOS Review

Classical Academic Press

Wow!  I have never been more pleased than to bring to you the review of Classical Academic Press’ The Discovery of Deduction: An Introductionto Formal Logic!  This program is a solid curriculum that boasts with an amazing in-depth curriculum of teaching the beginnings of formal logic for students as young as seventh grade.  We used this program in our homeschool with my eighth grader/14 years old. 

The Discovery of Deduction: An Introduction to Formal Logic - Click Image to Close

So, what is formal logic?  The following is a statement directly from Classical Academic Press’ site. Normally, I do not post directly from the company’s website, but I did not want to mistype any element of this awesome program.

“Formal logic is the study of the types reasoning processes that depend primarily on the form or structure of the argument to determine its validity. Formal logic is like math in this regard; if you add two to two, you should always get the answer 4. Similarly, if you posit that, “All men are mortal,” and that, “Socrates is a man,” the conclusion, that “Socrates is a mortal,” should be something of a no-brainer. Formal logic is thus like math in that it is primarily about understanding these sorts of black-and-white, no shades of grey, binary system, types of reasoning. Also like math, formal logic generally tends to deal with deductive reasoning.”

Now that you have an idea of what formal logic is, maybe we should take a look at what informal logic really means.  Below is the definition Classical AcademicPress denotes as informal logic.

“Informal logic is the study of everyday types of reasoning. It’s the logic of the give-and-take, shades of grey that is the real-world marketplace of ideas. It also, by extension, tends to give more focus to inductive reasoning, the scientific method and to the boundary areas where logic tends to segue into rhetoric.”

To me, it is necessary for those reading this post to really understand that meanings behind logic. Many of us—and I “was” one of them—do not really understand the need for such a program.  I now have a GREAT appreciation for this program~~The Discovery of Deduction: And Introduction to Formal Logic.  The program takes the student (and teacher) into the world of basic logic and deductive reasoning situations.  Learning how to reason and figure things out in conversations is a foundation of learning in which many individuals just do not grasp as something of importance during their children’s education.  However, children must learn how to read and write in order to be productive in their lives to the best ability possible.  The same is true for studying logic.  One must understand reasoning and deduction in order to truly hone into various situations.  It almost is like a “training of the elements of argument and thought”. 

Classical Academic Press offers three parts to their logic series.  So, in short, it is well worth it for your child’s future to take a look at all three of the books in the logic series through Classical Academic Press.

The Discovery of Deduction Teacher's Edition - Click Image to Close

Now, how do you use the program?  The authors give a sample schedule as to how you might want to work with the curriculum.  Being that I did not know what in the world I was doing—we followed the programs guide explicitly!  LOL!   I must say that through working with this program, I feel so much more confident to discuss “higher levels of thinking” more so than I ever did before working with this curriculum!  I learned right along with my son!

Classical Academic Press

Sample Semester-Long Schedule RIGHT HERE!

Sample Chapters of Teacher’s Edition RIGHT HERE!

Sample Chapters of Student Workbook RIGHT HERE!

My son was mesmerized in working with the program.  It was almost like a game for him. I was concerned the program might be too involved to fit into our already packed homeschool day. It wasn’t. As with other Classical Academic Press items, the program is laid out in a simple and easy to use—with virtually no preparation—to its teaching.  All I did was review the lesson and began teaching it!  Super simple.  I read many things directly from the teacher’s guide to my son, and then he continued with the lesson and the review. 

We had a GREAT time discussing all the ins and outs of the lessons.  There was really never a dull moment.  The only thing is now, he wants to continue to finish the book…I am good with that, but he is already using many of the tactics he has learned through the program in general conversations and situation with his dad and me!  Actually, I love it!  It really lets me know how influential this program is for junior high students.  I would say this program could really be geared for 7th grade all the way to 12th students.  Heck!  I learned a ton myself!  So, actually, it is a program for adults as well!  LOL!

So, how much does it cost?

The Student Book is $26.95 U.S.A.

The Teacher’s Edition is $29.95 U.S.A.

***Our final thoughts***

We truly enjoyed this program.  The learning and direction was impeccable.  As with all of Classical Academic Press’ publications, this was a hit in our family!  The cost is a minimal investment…and I do mean investment because this program is something amazing one can refer back to at various times for little things here and there.  So, all in all, we were totally pleased with the opportunity to do this review.

If you would like more information on Classical AcademicPress or on The Discovery of Deduction: An Introduction to Formal Logic, please visit the TOS Schoolhouse Review Crew’s reviews page HERE!


*Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I have received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.