Monday, May 13, 2013

I have been set FREE!!!!

Good morning, Folks! I have to tell you, I woke this morning with the realization that God was explicitly telling me to READ MY BIBLE. Now, I didn't know what for...except that I do devotions every morning...and really didn't know why this was so strong on my heart. However, yesterday at church, I was talking to a wonderful friend of mine who REALLY needed help dealing with human lusts and the knowledge and desire to serve the Lord. That had been weighing on my heart heavy yesterday after church. Well, I have been studying the book of Romans...and so, I opened my Bible this morning to Romans chapter 6. 

Within its words, I was literally in awe of the instruction and clarification of my tussle of just the RIGHT words to speak to my friend! You know, we all struggle with lusts...whether it be money, material things, sex, or even food. However, it is how we handle those struggles once we are saved that TRULY makes or breaks us. So, as Romans 6:6 illustrates that once we are DEAD to the slavery of (our) sin, we are NO LONGER slaves of that sin. We have been FREED!!! 

While the temptations of this world are indeed still VERY real, we have the POWER through Christ living in us to TERMINATE EVERY THOUGHT and desire of that sin. So, once we begin to "feel" that urgency of human lust rise up on our insides--or in our sights, we MUST TURN our heads and thoughts to the ONE WHO GIVES LIFE!!!~~~We should NOT obey and allow those sinful thoughts to reign in our mortal bodies. We HAVE the POWER! We ARE NOT SLAVES! WE have been SET FREE!!!!!

I pray you all have a WONDERFUL day!!!! 


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