Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Finished with the School Year...Moving Forward...


Yes.  We are finished with this school year!  Super awesome.  BUT~~Well, I have had the shingles.  Yep!  not fun at all I will say.  I have been in pain for almost two weeks now, and still am having continued problems with it.  

On the bright side, we received my eldest son's test scores, and he performed Post High School on everything but three sections.  He was so elated!  Jordan is recovering well from his surgery; although the last couple of days he has been having pain due to sitting a wrong way or something.  Personally, I think it is more because we have been bombarded with tons of rain and humidity. That always seems to get his legs hurting a bit.

Let's see...Yes..we took good graduation pics too.  I will post some below.  We have been having game night most Saturday nights lately.  Jordan has won the last couple of times!  Heee!  He just loves that!  Jack has been eager to go swimming...well, we all have!  But this rain just wont seem to let up!    We have been doing well with our healthy living lifestyle changes.  Jordan's ped. wants him to take a before and after picture...he has lost over 70 pounds and I have lost 112 pounds since last May.  My hubby has lost over 70 pounds too!  Our family is so much healthier than before.

I have earned two new certifications:  A nutrition instructor certification and a Core and Functional Trainer certification.  Now, I am embarking on a new college program for Nutrition, Diet, and Health Sciences...basically it is a dietitian program.  I am really excited about that too!  We have so much going on! Even our Advocare health company is growing by leaps and bounds.  Plus, I am the host of the Blog Talk radio show, Healthy Living Now!!!. My precious friend is the co-host.  We have a BALL! I am truly blessed.

God has continued to bless us in so many ways!

As our new year approaches, I am certain God will give us new opportunities to serve Him more and more.  I also know He will give us all the tools to witness for Him.  It may not always be smooth sailing, but I know we will have a fabulous new year!

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Laura said...

Wow just wow! You are such a busy women. The boys are so sweet and congratulation on all your business success. That is awesome. So sorry to hear that you have been sick though. Let's catch up soon. love y'all bunches!